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/ 5.9.2016 / News

POSIM Software announced today organizational changes that will position the company for continued long-term growth:

  • Tara Spencer will transition into the newly-formed role of Training Specialist.
  • Chris Fair will be promoted to Technical Support Manager

Throughout Tara Spencer’s nearly 8 years at POSIM Software, she has focused much of her efforts on customer support, engagement and training. Most recently, Tara served as the Tech Support Manager, leading the team in key business matters and continuing the long-standing level of excellent customer service the company’s customers have come to expect.

As Training Specialist, Tara Spencer will remain actively involved in the Technical Support Department, focusing on building an internal training program as the department continues its steady growth. Along with the education of new staff, Tara will spend much of her time building customer resources for education and engagement, including ongoing training webinars, video tutorials, interactive user manuals, among other materials.

“I am excited for the opportunity to continue to significantly impact our customer base and provide exceptional training for our internal staff,” said Tara Spencer, Training Specialist. “The addition of this training position will not only strengthen our organization but will heighten the customer experience and energize our operations, and will also allow us to realize our incredible potential as a premier retail solution.”

Effective April 22, 2016, Chris Fair has been promoted to the Tech Support Manager role. Previously a Tech Support Representative, Chris Fair continues to demonstrate exceptional work ethic and leadership traits that the company is sure will translate into success as the new team lead.

“Chris has earned a fantastic reputation with both customers and co-workers and we were pleased to present this opportunity to him so early in his career with POSIM,” said Shannon Maher, Chief Operating Officer and Owner of POSIM Software. “We look forward to the growth of this department and the continued success of both our staff and our customers.”

Both Tara Spencer and Chris Fair will continue to work closely in the coming weeks as the company transitions Chris from “player” to “player-coach” on the Technical Support Team.  With the addition of the Training Specialist, the company looks forward to a year of growth, both internally as well as the expansion of the customer base through continued outreach. The Technical Support Manager and Training Specialist positions will ensure that the company focuses on education and engagement with employees and clients to maximize the ability to utilize products and services to its fullest potential.

Caleb Shook

Inbound Marketing Manager

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