posim shopping for retail point-of-sale system

Shopping for Retail Point of Sale System

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Do More with Less Time Using a True Point-of-Sale System

Have you found yourself wanting to upgrade your point-of-sale software? Does the talk of “mobile POS” or “free POS”, or “POS apps” make you question your current technology? Don’t let it.

For instance, “free” or heavily discounted point of sale systems is now offered by nearly every major credit card processor. It is possible that your needs as a retailer will not align with what the hedge funds, processing companies and ad agencies tout – they’re not independent retailers after all.

When shopping for a point-of-sale system you must consider the long term success of your business, not the cool gadget of the moment or the best revenue model for the POS software companies and their investors. This purchase is a long-term decision with both short and long-term consequences for your bottom line.

POSIM is familiar with these so-called POS systems and our advice would be to save your money. They are generally glorified cash registers that lack the functionality and administrative processes that real data-driven retailers require. Worse yet, the support is unsophisticated and the underlying point-of-sale software and inventory management experience is lacking.

The same goes with the mobile-based POS systems that promise to help you keep shop. These systems become expensive as you grow, and by design, prohibit you from running your operation with the flexibility you need. Worse yet, many of these systems hold your data on their systems and control the extraction of that data. That means you are trapped, contractually and otherwise. Our best advice when shopping for a point-of-sale system is to consider your needs as an omnichannel or multichannel retailer.

Our most successful retailers realize the true power of multiple sales channels, connecting with customers, and using data to drive their business decisions. A point-of-sale system with flexible e-commerce integrations, connections to marketing platforms, robust customer and inventory management, and the tools that allow you to do more in less time. Trust the experts.